Shooting Positions: Sitting and Offhand

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Jim Owens goes into great detail on body placement, proper support, and the difference between crossed leg vs. crossed ankle. There are even some left-handed options.

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Shooting Positions Sitting and Offhand is the second part of Jim’s Master Class on shooting positions. Covering all three positions was just to long for one DVD, So, Sitting and Offhand techniques are explored fully in the second disk.

This DVD, just over 90 minutes, covers the 200-yard Sitting firing position(crossed ankle, Crossed Leg, and Open Leg positions). It also covers the Offhand position. And like the previous lesson, it includes actual scenes from rifle matches showing things to do and not to do. Shooters of all skill levels will learn something of value in this great lesson series.

*Body placement, proper support

*Sitting: Crossed Leg, Crossed Ankle

*Off Hand Position

*Left-hand placement options

*and more