David Tubb’s FinalFinish System

Bore polishing process you do yourself! 

  • increase velocity
  • reduce fouling
  • improve uniformity
  • increase accuracy

“It’s a better barrel in a box!”

Bore Treatment

Superior Shooting Systems Inc. FinalFinish™ Bore Conditioning System represents a significant advancement in the enhancement of firearm performance. It’s a better barrel in a box! FinalFinish™ is an easy, do-it-yourself process that will give the barrel on your firearm a more uniform, mirror polished bore.

This will allow you to increase velocity, reduce fouling, make cleaning easier, and, most importantly, the successive application of the five different FinalFinish™ compounds will improve the quality of the barrel. When any barrel is made — custom or production — it first has to be drilled. As with any cutting tool, the drill leaves behind its signature: tool marks. Tool marks are blemishes that remain in the metal surface as the result of disruption to the metal. The rifling process then adds more tool marks and imperfections, regardless of the rifling system used.

These marks normally run in the opposite direction the bullet travels, creating “speed bumps” the bullet must negotiate: a bumpy ride down the barrel which ends in a bumpy flight to the target. Plus, the corrugated and unpolished surface of most barrels creates friction. This friction snags and abrades the bullet jacket, and the rough surface collects firing residue as well as bullet jacket material (fouling).

Another cutting tool is also used in the manufacture of the barrel — the chambering reamer. This tool creates more tool marks and rough areas. The throat has proven to be one of the most critical areas of the barrel. If a bullet doesn’t get a smooth start it can’t very well attain a smooth flight. FinalFinish™ eradicates most all of these tool marks and leaves a high polished surface in its place. Since even the most precisely manufactured barrels cannot be made perfect, variations in bore diameter can and do occur. Variations in bore diameters can ultimately mean variations in land (rifling) measurements, and it’s the lands that drive the bullet.

Bore diameter variations in even some of the “better” barrels can be significant. FinalFinish™ greatly improves the uniformity over the full length of the barrel. The total amount of metal removed by FinalFinish™ is less than 0.0003 inches. While FinalFinish™ will produce the most dramatic improvements in mass-produced factory barrels, its apportioned use will greatly enhance the condition of even the most expensive custom made barrels.

Special instructions are included in each kit. The mirror polish and smoothness will allow you to increase velocity and reduce fouling. This means that more rounds can be fired without accuracy deterioration. (Some of the most impressive results with FinalFinish™ have come in factory barreled handguns. Our test firearms showed an average of 60-percent smaller groups! Lead bullet shooters especially will find much easier clean up too.) FinalFinish™ is not just for new barrels. As a rifle is fired, the heat and pressure created just forward of the chamber are so intense that they eat away at the metal. The number of rounds it takes for this action to affect accuracy varies with the cartridge, but all rifles eventually succumb to “throat erosion.”

The ultimate problem is the roughness and unevenness left behind. A longer throat doesn’t have to mean poorer accuracy, but a rough throat most certainly does. FinalFinish™ can’t guarantee miracles, but in almost all cases it will “restore” a worn barrel’s performance by smoothing this eroded area. Barrels also become damaged from cleaning rods, cleaning solvents, corrosion, and nicks around the muzzle. FinalFinish™ will smooth away such surface irregularities. We have stacks of testimonials from customers and industry professionals attesting to the accuracy enhancements possible with FinalFinish™. Our tests showed an average of almost 50-percent smaller groups, but many tell us of three and four times that improvement.