Camp Perry Packing List for Board Matches and NRA Championships

Camp Perry Packing List for Board Matches and NRA Championships 
by “the Colorado Gray Fox”


  1. 200 load- 250 rounds
  2. 300 load- 120 rounds
  3. 600 load- 150 rounds

Shooting Gear

  1. Rifles
  2. Black Beastie
  3. Mixed Blessing
  4. Sling (on rifle)
  5. Hard gun case
  6. Soft gun case
  7. Mags: 1 SF, 2 RF
  8. Scope and stand
  9. Mat
  10. Mitt
  11. Shooting coat
  12. Slow fire ammo holder
  13. Ear plugs- 6 sets
  14. Peltor muffs
  15. Knoblochs
  16. Miscellaneous bag
  17. Data book
  18. Pens/pencils
  19. Parts & repair box
  20. GI Poncho (repair)
  21. Equipment rain cover
  22. Sun & bug repellents
  23. Sweat rag
  24. Stool
  25. Bungee cords- 3
  26. Gear hand cart
  27. Big trash can & lid
  28. Gallon ZipLoc bag
  29. MultiPlier
  30. Shooting adhesive
  31. Sight black
  32. Accessory bag
  33. Qt size Ziploc- 4

Rifle Maintenance Gear

  1. Cleaning cradle
  2. Bar clamp
  3. Cleaning rods (2)
  4. Cleaning can (refill)

Hut Survival Gear

  1. Bug bomb
  2. Broom
  3. Sheets, pillow, blanket
  4. Red cooler
  5. Big box fan
  6. Red throw rug
  7. Lawn Chair
  8. Ext. cords, 2, multi ended
  9. Light rope -50 feet
  10. Strapping tape
  11. Trash bags (3)
  12. Clock radio (battery op)
  13. Coffee mug & spoon
  14. Clothes hangers (2)
  15. Visqueen sheet
  16. Gallon zip lock bag
  17. Combination lock
  18. BB & marker

Clothing & Personal

  1. 5 underwear
  2. 5 white socks
  3. White shooting pants
  4. Tan BDU pants
  5. HD Suspenders
  6. Black web belt
  7. 2 tee shirts
  8. 2 old white dress shirts
  9. Lt sweatshirt
  10. Bandanna
  11. Tan aviator shirt
  12. 2 tan shorts
  13. NB tennis shoes
  14. Boondockers
  15. Boonie hat
  16. Krieger ball cap
  17. Towel
  18. Washcloth
  19. Toilet kit (refill)
  20. Shower sandals
  21. Camera & film
  22. Reading materials
  23. Check book
  24. Cash- $100
  25. Roll of quarters
  26. VISA card w/ low balance

Obtain in Port Clinton

  1. Food and ice
  2. Paper towels
  3. Roll of TP
  4. (Misc. bag: lens cleaner, soft paper towels, extra ear plugs, timer, sight black, aspirin, Band-Aids, magnifier, pencil, extra OBI, $3, all in quart size freezer weight Ziploc bag)
  5. (Parts & repair box: new sling keeper, firing pin, extractor, spring & plunger, ejector & spring, broken shell extractor, allen wrench set, grease, LSA)

Where To Pack

Red Cooler: ammo, cleaning can, rug, extension cords, rope, strap tape, trash bags, clock radio, mug, spoon, hangers, visqueen, zip lock bags, lock.

Hard Gun case: rifle(s), sling, sight covers, cleaning rods.

Trash can: scope, stand, mat, coat, mit, bungees, cleaning cradle, clamp, stool, magazines, ammo holder, ear plugs, Knoblochs, misc. bag, data book, parts box, poncho, rain cover, sun screen, insect repellent, rag, zip lock bags, MultiPlier, adhesive, soft case, accessory bag.

GI Duffel bag: bedding, all clothing, wash cloth, towel, toilet kit, camera & film, funds.

Loose: chair, fan, hand cart.

Compliments of

Colorado Grey Fox

A few words of explanation . . . .

This is enough to shoot the Board matches and NRA team and individual matches, not including the long range events. Has allowances for a few extra sighters due to boat in the impact area delays and a few alibis. Loads for each yardage is a new thing. Life was simpler when we all shot 30 caliber and there was only one good bullet.

Shooting gear

  • Hard gun case is for rifle transport to/from Camp Perry in a truck or horse trailer
  • Soft case is for use while at Camp Perry, to/from/around firing ranges
  • Gear hand cart- shooter needs some wheeled means of shifting gear around while on the range; once you leave hutment or vehicle you are gone for the day. I use a modified two wheel dolly and trash barrel.
  • Trash can- used to pack gear on trip to/from Perry, and on cart during matches
  • Gallon Ziploc- keep in stool to protect data book and score cards during rain storms
  • Parts & repair box- list is for M16, adjust for your needs
  • Accessory bag- use for lunch, drinks, take rain gear to pits, etc.
  • Quart size Ziploc bags- for packing lunch crackers, fruit, paper towels, etc.

Rifle mtce gear

  • Can be shared
  • Bar clamp secures cradle to lawn chair. I clean rifle while enjoying a fermented beverage, then clean myself.

Hut survival gear

  • Bug bomb- huts may have spiders, wasps, etc. One for whole group.
  • Cooler- medium sized, or share larger one if two people housed together
  • Rug- small bath mat sized rug to put on concrete floor, adds nice homey touch
  • Rope- used to fix bedsprings, make clothes line above bed, secure fan in window, etc.
  • Strapping tape- bed repairs, re-securing cooler and trash can for travel home, etc.
  • Battery operated clock radio- power in huts not always reliable, need one independent alarm clock per hut
  • Visqueen- in case of leaky roof
  • Broom- one for whole group
  • Gallon Ziploc- protects roll of TP from rain (good idea to take your own stationery to latrine…)
  • Combo lock- replace issued key lock, a real convenience, one per hut
  • BB & marker is to help keep team organized.

Clothing & personal

  • Shower sandals- cheap ‘flipflops’ best. Latrines a short walk from huts, floors not always clean
  • Reading material- there is down time, at huts, in pits, etc. Tom Clancy, not Neitsche.
  • Toilet kit contains a bottle of baby butt lotion- important for those unaccustomed to hot, humid climate.

Typical daily schedule:
Up at 0530 hrs, quick latrine call, simple breakfast in hut, head for ranges, shoot beginning at 0700 hrs, pull targets, drag gear around, walk a lot, return to hut, clean rifle, clean hut, clean self, trip to commercial row to drool & dream, dinner on post or in town, organize ammo/gear/clothing/lunch for next day, lights out by 2200 hrs. Substitute laundry and grocery shopping for commercial row as needed. Two weeks of heaven! Don’t forget to phone home a few times.