Effective Highpower Rifle Training Drills 

Effective Highpower Rifle Training Drills 
by Stuart A. Leach a.k.a. “the Colorado Gray Fox”

Highpower competitors need to get the most benefit possible for the time and money invested in training. I have found the regime outlined here to be effective. I do this drill once a week on a 200 yard range. Note the emphases on position building and rebuilding, with a minimum number of rounds actually fired. Use the proper target for the stage. If training with a group of people, have someone call the line commands. If alone, at least think through the sequence.

Offhand: Set up gear as usual, do your preparation period in two minutes instead of three, with dry fire snaps. When you can prep in two minutes, then the third minute is available for solving problems and relaxing your mind. Alternate 1 round of live fire with 1 round of dry fire for at least twenty two “shots”. Call all shots, live and dry.

Sitting Rapid Fire: Set up as usual, do two minute prep. Rise, drop down with empty rifle, close bolt, build position with care, dry fire one shot. Rise, load with one round, drop down, close bolt, build position, fire. Rise, load one, drop, close, build, fire, reload with one round, rebuild position, fire one. Continue with two plus one rounds, two plus two rounds, and two plus eight rounds, for a total of twenty rounds fired in ten cycles of position building or rebuilding. Match rifle shooters modify number of rounds to suit. When you can shoot a good tight twenty shot group in the course of this drill your record scores will be very good. This drill helps refine your base sight settings.

Prone Rapid Fire: Use same routine as Sitting Rapid fire.

Prone Slow Fire: Use same routine as Offhand, with emphasis on Natural Point of Aim.

For best results, repeat the Offhand routine, or repeat the stage where you felt least confident of your performance. To increase the challenge level for Offhand and Sitting Rapid, use the 300 yard reduced target. To get a good score on the tighter target, you will have to improve the quality of your hold and accuracy of your zeroes and wind adjustments.

When finished, don’t forget to start your brass through the reloading cycle, maintain the rifle, and repack your gear.