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Welcome to Jim Owens’ JarHeadTop.com. This site is dedicated to the High Power shooting enthusiast, providing articles, tips, products, and instructional material for both the beginner and the veteran shooter.

Jim, due to his 23+ years in the Marine Corps, much of it in their shooting program, has in excess of 500 hrs of class room training, over and above actual competitive shooting.

He’s earned 3 Bronze Legs, 1 Silver Leg, 1 Gold Leg and a Distinguished Badge. He’s a High Master and a member of the 495 Club. In 1982, he coached the winning Six Man Team in the All Marine Corps Championships. One of his Military Occupational Specialties was “8531”, Marksmanship Instructor.

Since retiring as a M/Sgt in 1986, Jim’s been actively engaged in promoting excellence in the sport and civilian participation in Competitive High Power Shooting. He used Racine County Line Rifle Club as his home base and “Experimental Lab”.  Since his wife’s passing in 2004, Jim has moved to Alabama to be near family and is carving out a new life with Corrie, his now wife of ten years.

He gave beginning & advanced classes in technique, personal training, equipment handling, etc., since 1988. His first book, Reading the Wind and Coaching Techniques, which made its first appearance at the National Matches (Camp Perry) in 1992, has been translated into French and is selling in Europe.

As an interesting aside… The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Shooting Team decided to try one of Jim’s “Advanced Theories” and in so doing BEAT the USMC’s Team at the Inter Service Championships in 1999 – Go Figure!

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Reading The Wind

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Care, Cleaning, & Sportsmanship

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 3 reviews
 by Harry Webb
Long Range Log Book

I’m an “old shooter” and wish I had had this book “in the beginning “ — I would have done better I know. I am teaching my granddaughter (15) to “keep book” too and hope she gets and retains my love of the sport. Thanks to Maria for fixing my order so I got exactly what I wanted. Great service.

 by D F

Ordered the Pit Procedures download which was in 3 parts but the first part was really the 3rd part ...which was also the 3rd part so I got the 2nd and 3rd parts of the trilogy but not the 1st part which I'm guessing is the basic info that makes the 2nd and 3rd parts make sense. No contact info shown on the website to complain to anyone.

My apologies sir. I believe we have sent you the correct part one, and we have corrected the issue on the site. As for no contact information, that is another apology and has since been corrected. Thank you for your order, and I hope you got all the information you are looking for.

 by Jill Knerr

Thank you Jim Owens for teaching me what I needed to know to succeed at high power.
Before my husband and I shot our first match across the course we read your books and felt adequately prepared.
As we read your books over again through our shooting career we learned more principles you were showing us.
Spending a week in your advanced rifle class was an invaluable experience.
This year I finally implemented all you taught me and earned the Distinguished Rifleman badge.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Jill Knerr