Jim Owens Articles


Jim hosts the following articles on the site because I find them very beneficial to shooters who are both new and veteran shooters. These articles have been written by some of the top folks in the sport:

David Tubbs’ FinalFinish System – by David Tubbs

Hand Lapped Barrels & the Use of ‘Final Finish’ – by David Tubbs

Hand Loading for Match Rifles – Boots Obermeyer

Barrel break-in and Cleaning – by Jack Krieger

Moly Coating Bullets – Quality Results; Simple & Economically – by Jon Wilcox

Assorted Articles on High Power Shooting
by Stewart Leech a.k.a “the Colorado Gray Fox”

(These are great articles and well worth the reading – Jim)

Barrel Break In

Highpower Rifle Match Etiquette

Dry Fire Drills for Highpower Competitors

Beginning Highpower Rifle Competitor

Effective Highpower Rifle Training Drills

Reloading Rifle Ammunition In Quantity

Care, Cleaning and Basic Maintenance Of The M-14/M1A Rifle

Using Once-Fired Military Brass

The Hunt For Leg Points

Are you planning to go to Camp Perry for the High Power Championships for the first Time?

Here is some information to help get you started – by Jim Owens

There is a check list for things to bring – by “the Colorado Gray Fox”

How not to goof up at Camp Perry – by John Joyce