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I cannot express the tremendous benefits I received from taking Jim's High Power Class. The training received was everything I wanted to improve my shooting. After taking his class I received both a Silver and Bronze EIC medal. Before his class my NRA classification was Expert, it is now Master. Take my advice, Jim can make anyone a better shooter, including me. I have full intentions of taking it again at the earliest opportunity.

Jeff Roney
September 11, 2008  


Hi Jim, 
Yes. Most definitely. Absolutely. I am interested in taking your class again at Memphis next year. I also have finally FINALLY earned my Master Card. For 2yrs I struggled with being a high expert but some FUBAR on my part kept me from turning in three consecutive scores at 95% or better. However after taking your class and applying what you teach even High Master seems attainable. Thank you so much for all your knowledge, patience, and....."unique approach" on "constructive criticism" the lessons you teach are what got me my master classification.

See ya next April, 
Mike DePriest 
August 26, 2008

  On behalf of the Navy Rifle Team, I want to say thanks for all the help and coaching last week. I know that you are well aware of the limited practice time that the Navy team has available. We are all volunteers with other jobs. In fact, Jeff commutes 100 miles every day! Of course, it is nice to have a range in your back yard. I really appreciate your flexibility with the date changes and the weather. You run an outstanding course and I hope we can do this again next year. I also really love what you do for the juniors and we will try to support that as best we can. That is the future of our sport. So, thank you very much for the time you spent with us last week. I think you will see some major improvements with us. I look forward to seeing you at Nationals.

Bob Ryan 
Senior Officer, U.S. Navy Marksmanship Team 
March 18, 2008

This class was an excellent experience from start to finish. Basics and fundamentals are key in any sport, Highpower is no exception. Jim's class helps you analyze your fundamentals to asses your strengths and weaknesses. His advanced class will help you hone your skills with drills and techniques, as well as experimenting with new ideas. Using Jim's instruction my scores have increased from the 720's to the 760's and my offhand has moved from a 178 average to a 190 average.

-Warren Ginn three year highpower competitor 
October 19, 2007

I just wanted to send you the scores from my last 200 yard reduced match. Everything you taught and changed for me works great, I just make a few bad decisions from time to time, but everything clicked together at the same time last Saturday and I shot my highest score ever. Beating Bill Walter came as a surprise. Want to hear the best part? It felt easy . . . too easy--I barely broke a sweat! Just locked into solid positions and established NPA checking it with my eyes closed--that technique alone has saved me many many times. I had run the first relay of the match and was able to shoot since we had people for a second relay when Jill could run the match for me. I had a solid lock on NPA in offhand which tends to be my Achilles heel normally. I tend make a couple "hurry" or "oops" shots which end up 7s. Mistakes I am working to eliminate. 
I just wanted to say thank you again for your help. 
See you at Perry!! We are bringing 
Warren this year too, and have told him to save money for a banquet ticket!

Jim Knerr 
May 30, 2007


Hi Top!  This is Michael from your spring HP clinic....

Just got back from shooting some ORPA matches @ Camp Perry over the Memorial Day weekend.

Things are finally starting to click, just need them to all click during the same match!!

Sat was the NRA Regional-  managed to win my classification (Expert) for the 200 Rapid, 300 Rapid and Rapid Aggregate!  This was the first time @ 600 since rebarrelling my rifle, had to work on my zero a bit.  Prior to shooting with you, my best ever score @ 600 yds was a 84.  First string was a 87, first couple of shots after my sighters still needed adjusting.  My second string was a 94.

Sun was the 4 Man Team-  FIRST Team match, was very fun and learned a ton.  :p>

Shot my BEST EVER 300 Rapid.  98-6X.  Did it the hard way with one 8.

Mon was an EIC match.  First shot down range Off Hand was an on paper miss @ 6.  Heard you yell SLOSH!!!! at me as I realized I had not put my elevation on the rifle.  Pulled myself together and shot an 85.  Could have been a great off-hand for me without that miss.  Train wrecked my rapids....nuff said about that.  Did OK @ 600, stayed on call, kept up with the wind and mirage the entire string, my score will keep going up here!!!

Thanks for all of your help!!!

Michael mpini
May 29, 2007

"Jim, Finally have a good score [not much wind] to report. At Roswell NM, I had my best score ever. A 748 8X. My best to date was a 715. Seems like things I learned at your class are sinking in.

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