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I have to tell you that Your books motivated me to make a lot of changes in my life so I could enjoy high power shooting and do better at it. I have lost close to 80 lbs. My scores have improved drastically. I am still not exactly that good yet. My last match shot a 388 3X but that was over a 100 point improvement from my first match your no nonsense approach is excellent. As I continue to lose weight I feel better and doing the exercises you teach has helped me immensely. Once I can improve my offhand shooting then I will be actually competitive. I still tend to panic over the "Wobble" but believe it or not I find myself telling myself what you said. "Accept your wobble" "Relax" "Breathe g*******it!!" (lol) I also save fewer rounds in the rapid fire. I know eventually I will not "save" rounds anymore. I thank you for your books. High Power shooting is enjoyable when you do better."

Neal Trubitt

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"After shooting my first match a few weeks ago. One of the guys from my club loaned me a set of your books. I can not thank you enough. I can understand what you are talking about. I know the next match will go much better for me. 
Thanks Again"

John DeMoss


"Your books were so great and helpful, I gave them to my Dad, and have not seen them back!  So I need another set!"


Dear Jim,

Nice to speak with you over the phone this morning. I just wanted to write you a note of appreciation. I am new to high power competition. I'm 47 and I have always enjoyed rifles but as an adult until now never had a specific focus to enjoy my passion. I do have that focus to my passion now, Service Rifle Competition, in part thanks to you. Your series of books and tapes have helped me make the first daunting steps and I entered my first competitive event ever, the 2004 NRA High Power Week Competition at Camp Perry. Your Data Book is the best that I have seen and all the information that you had put together and your personal commitment to Juniors in the sport is indeed commendable.       

My father William Field, U.S. Army Ret., U.S.M.A. 1947  loves rifle as a hobby and introduced it to me, I am thankful to him for his introduction and what he taught me. 

I wish to thank you for making my beginnings possible in this terrific sport. Fifty percent of my enjoyment of the sport is the focus and enjoyment of the sport itself, the other fifty percent is the terrific people like yourself that one gets to meet and associate with. 

Best Regards,
Steven Field

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