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KOWA Scopes

Check out the Kowa Web Page www.kowascope.com. Then come back here for the best prices!

Our Thanks to KOWA for their Annual Donation to the Camp Perry Retired Marines who help Junior Shooters!

My customer base is primarily competitive high power rifle shooters. The kowa 80mm series has been, over the years one of the top most used spotting scopes among the high power shooting community.


The 82mm series kowa scope will do everything you want or need, from indoor small bore (33 feet) to long-range (1,000 yards).


There are several eyepiece available, the one I list here is the 25 power LER (long eye relief) because it is the one most used by shooters.  The 25X LER eyepiece allows the shooter to wear shooting glasses and still get the full field of view


If you are unsure what model or eyepiece you want or need call me at 334-347-0020.  I will ask you a few questions as to what you intend to use the scope for, what distances and what caliber. I will take the time with you and explain what are the pros and cons of each model and each eyepiece. I offer free shipping and handling and some other incentives.

Help a Junior Shooter - Please make a generous Donation to the Camp Perry Retired Marines!

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We have a payment plan for the KOWA Scopes - Four equal payments with a small service charge. Call for details 334-347-0020.


KOWA TSN-82SV with 25 Power Wide Angle Long Eye Relief


  • 82mm objective lens
  • Body
  • 45 degree angle eye piece
  • 25X LER Eyepiece
  • Other eyepiece available for this model (20-60 Zoom and 30 Wide Angle)
  • Waterproof
  • FREE Shipping & Handling

Call 334-347-0020 To Order and more for Details

KOWA TSN-601 with 25 Power/Wide Angle

Long Eye Relief


  • 60mm objective lens