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Jim Owens Scope Stand  -  Improved



No mild steel parts to rust – all components are aluminum, stainless steel, engineering

plastics and brass.


Nylon lock screws are reinforced with stainless steel screws –

 no breakage.


Has a wide base to provide excellent stability.


Near the bottom of each telescoping tube are a ring of dots – if these dots show above the

ring of the tube below it then you have extended the tube too far – lower it until the dots are



To adjust the windage direction of the scope loosen the clamp screw at the top of the tower and pivot the outrigger bar left or right – the roll pin stop will keep the bar from sliding down.


To adjust the elevation direction of the scope - loosen the knob on the scope mounting bar

and pivot the scope up or down then retighten the knob.


To change the position of the scope from above the tower top to below the tower top -

loosen the clamp screw at the top of the tower and reverse the outrigger bar and the

complete scope assembly and reinstall on the top of the tower.


Finger tight is all that is necessary on all of the lock screws and knob – no tools are needed.



When shipped the extension tubes are installed in the base spider upside down –

loosen the base clamp screw – remove the multi-tube assembly and reinstall into the

top of the base spider. Then  install  the outrigger bar on to the top of the tower in the preferred position.


When installing your scope to the stand – remove the nut from the washer side of the

mounting stud and discard – it is there only to hold everything together during shipping.

Remove the stainless steel stud from the stand and screw it into your scope mounting hole

making sure that you screw it all the way in so that you have full thread engagement of the

stud in the scope. Then put the stud through the hole in the scope mounting bar and reinstall

the knob and tighten. You can use the rubber washer between the scope and the mounting

bar or not as you prefer.


Always keep your scope as close to the centerline of the tower as practical as this increases

the stability of the assembly.


Enjoy your new scope stand – if cared for it will give you years of reliable service.


$175.00   with $20.00 shipping and handling to anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

 ($190.00 check or M.O. or for faster service $195.00 by PayPal)



Jim Owens

JAFEICA Publishing Inc.

112 Red Wing Dr.

Enterprise, AL 36330




Order Now with PayPal $175.00 plus $20.00 S/H

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