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  Jim Owens' 2018 Class Schedule

On The Range Classes

Classes for 2018.

If you know you will be interested in a class please send an email to jim@jarheadtop.com with "Range Class" in the subject line. You will be added to a spread sheet and contacted closer to the date.

Class Schedule for 2018

Mar 5 - Mar 9, 2018        Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

Apr 2 - Apr 6, 2018         Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

May 7 - May 11, 2018      Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

Nov 5 - Nov 9, 2018     Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00


If you are even Thinking of taking this class please send me an email with "Range Class" as the subject along with your name, address and phone number and we will keep you informed of any changes - jim@jarheadtop.com

The first three people to sign up for each class will be offered the Range Special - $100 for Food and Housing. This includes Breakfast and Dinner each day. The rest will be offered $50 for Food. Call Now - 334-347-0020


 Ammo requirements:

250 Rounds of short range ammo

125 rounds of Long Range ammo

50 rounds of test ammo


Rifle requirements:

MUST have a Match Conditioned Rifle

Cost $500

Class Objectives

Class Success Stories

Testimonials from former students


If you are interested in setting up a class in Enterprise, AL, call Jim at 334-347-0020.

Jim Owens' Class in the Hot Tub


The guys wanted the Hot Tub, She wanted the class, so we did both.

Later that year Jill shot the 4 point Leg Match at Camp Perry. 

There were 518 shooters and she was number 4.

Click Here For More Class Information

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