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Sleeved action

Sleeved action 
What does it mean when an action is sleeved? Is this for remingtons only or winchesters, too? Is it worth the extra money?

Sleeved action 
Reddneck - This is generally only done with round receivers such as the Remington because the internal dimensions of the sleeve can be matched to the O.D. of the receiver. It is done primarily to stiffen the action, and also to create a larger bedding surface (usually a flat bottom bedding surface that is more resistant to torque). The sleeve is nothing more than a chunk of aluminum (usually) bored out to fit the action. The action is epoxied inside the sleeve. Usually when this is done the action is made into a single shot, although in rare instances people have put the magazines in. Sleeved actions aren't used as much as they used to be, many of the folks have gone to "glue-ins" to accomplish the same thing. For the latter the builder glues the action into the stock, and drills relief areas so the shooter can still take the pins out that hold the trigger, in case of malfunction or desired replacement.

Sleeved action 
I think it was Redneck who asked: "What does it mean when an action is sleeved? Is this for remingtons only or winchesters, too? Is it worth the extra money?" Others have already answered the first two of the three questions, but since I haven't seen an answer for the third question, I take a stab at it. Is it worth the extra money? IMO, the answer is most likely NO. The only time the answer is YES, is if you already have the action and aren't planning on ever selling. If you don't have the action, put the money towards a custom single shot action. The custom single shot will hold its value. Not the case with a sleeved action. Kent



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