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Long range bullet choices

Long range bullet choices 
Hello all, New to the list so please bare with me if I am asking an old question. I am shooting a 6.5-284 at 1000. I have been seeing variations in Sierra 142 bullets. Do any of you have experience with GTB, Lapua or Norma bullets? I am shooting VV N165 with Federal GM210M primers. Anything newer/better? How is the Norma brass? I am really tired of tossing so many of the Winchester cases. Are they worth the expense? Thank you all Michael

Long range bullet choices 
Michael; I have tried pretty much all the 6.5mm bullets (I also shoot a 6.5 X 284) and had my best luck with the Lapua 139 gr. It's ballistic coefficient is better than the Sierra 142, and at least in my rifle they grouped better and gave better chrono readings. I am not saying they are a better bullet than the Sierra's, just worked better in my rifle. Regarding Bergers 6.5mm bullets...I agree with Kent Reeves previous posting, in a 284 case I believe the Bergers do not stand up as well to the extreme velocity and pressure exerted on the jackets as the Lapua's or Sierras. During my initial testing I had two rounds that did not reach the target due to body / jacket separation. I am not the only one to experience this with Bergers. Regarding Norma Brass... I have not tried their 284 brass yet, (is it out yet??) however I have tried their brass in my .308 and found it to be EXTREMELY soft. Primer pockets opened up after first firing. I am presently using Winchester 284 brass and yes I do go through it (like I got nothing better to do!) and cull out approximately 50%. I go to church every Sunday and pray Lapua will make .284 brass SOON!! I have had no problems with my Winchester 284 primer pockets, I only partial neck size after firing. Good Luck and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S!! Dan Simpson

Long range bullet choices 
Mike, I haven't used anything but Sierra 142s. However, I will provide the following observation about the Winchester brass. I have found that for the first two loadings I loose a significant number of pieces to loose primer pockets. However, after the first two loadings the incidence of loose pockets seems to disappear (at least in my rifle, and its chamber is not special).


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