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Leather sling care

Leather sling care 
I posted a question here some time back, asking for advice on whether to oil my new sling or not, and what to use. R.L.Turner answered my e-mail question today, so I thought I'd pass his advice along. A new Turner sling shouldn't need any dressing for 4-6 months of heavy use, since they are treated with a leather dressing when made. If you do use oil, stick with pure neat’s-foot oil, and apply only to smooth (finished side). Don't soak the sling in oil; apply sparingly. Mr. Turner advised that I might want to try their "Bearguard" dressing when my sling does need treatment. Bearguard is made up from beargrease and beeswax, and when dry, helps the keepers hold their setting.

Leather sling care 
Interesting about the Bearguard from Turner- sounds like good stuff. As I had answered back then, I use a product called SnoSeal, available at local sport shops, Fleet Farm etc.it is sold for treating leather products such as leather boots,pacs, snowshoe lacings(leather ones), etc It,too is based on Beeswax. Works great, keeps the sling more resistant to water soaking into it than would neat’s-foot oil, which can eventually emulsify and allow water penetration. Arnie



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