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AR for Handloads

AR Loads for Highpower 
In January I will start shooting the AR in HP competitions after shooting the Garand for the past year. I would like to start reloading for the AR. Does anyone have any good load data for each match (200,300,600)? Three of the current AR shooters at our club have had trouble in the past with some of the powders flatting or blowing primers even when their load where nowhere new max. They have all switched to 4895. Any comments? Thanks, XGarandShooter

AR Loads for Highpower 
Varget works pretty good in the 223 for High Power. While you can certainly still flatten and blow primers with it, Varget is slow enough so that reasonable loads take up most of the case, so you'll be compressing powder when seating for the rapids, as well for 600. If you start out at 23.5 grs and work up, you should be safe with anything up to and including the 80gr. bullets. Sierra published data for their 77gr.MK in their X-ring newsletter a few months ago. They might have back copies available. Their manual shows loads for both the 69 and 80gr. MK's.

AR Loads for Highpower 
X-Ring Newsletter can be viewed at the Sierra Bullets web site. http://www.sierrabullets.com/

AR Loads for Highpower 
What works depends on what your rifle likes. This means you must work on load development. I would work with a medium burning powder and experiment with different charges and bullet types. If you are only shooting at 200 yards, look at 748 with 68/69's. If you are shooting over the course, look to 77's at 200 and 300 (Imr 4895 or RE-15) and 80's at 600 (same powders) (presuming that you have a proper twist on the

rifle barrel). Some guns like a-max's: you wont know until you try different bullet types and compare your targets. I recommend moly-coating: it improves velocity and makes barrel cleaning easier. Loading for the AR is a little different than for the M-1. With the AR, you will see flattened primers: that is ok: avoid blowing your primers. You may want to consider selecting cases: commercial cases seem to work best at 600 yards (slightly bigger case capacity). Unlike the m-1, there isn't one magic load (i.e.: a national match load): the accuracy comes from hard work and load development. Do your homework and the results will show down range.

AR Loads for Highpower 
Hag: Start with 23 grains. According to hornady it's good for 2550 with their 75's you should end up with a tad over 24 for your molyed pills. Like that TAD. Or as Derrick might say "use your 80 load and save changing your measure". pitboss OCF 75 Gr. Hornady W/Varget 
Need a starting load using the 75gr. Hornady match bullets seated to magazine length, (Moly Coated) CCI BR-4s, LC cases and Varget. Only for use at the 200 and 300 line. (John S. do not try to adjust your monitor, this is only a test!) Kenny.

75 Gr. Hornady W/Varget 
I have used 25.0grs w/ non-moly coated bullets, WW Primers, WW & REM cases, seated to mag length in a Colt HBAR. I only switched to Rl-15 because of a good deal on several cans and one limited test w/scope attached for 100m accuracy evaluations. The difference was marginal, but the deal was substantial! Good luck. Mike

75 Gr. Hornady W/Varget 
I've used 25.0 Varget in GI cases for Hornady moly 75's and Sierra moly 80's for 600. That's where I'd END. You should be happy somewhere in between 23.5 and 25. I've shot the 75's at 600, and they'll do okay, but nowhere near as well as the 80's.

75 Gr. Hornady W/Varget 
Dave: ditto's on the varget loads, I settled on 24.5 because more didn't help accuracy but did noticeably increase primer flattening. I also have a lot of crunching of powder even with vibrating the filled cases at 24.5. How have you found the 75 a-max compared to the 80's? My guns shoot them very well at 600 and I decided to stick with them. I have heard one of our shooters got a very impressive 600 yard score with the 77's at MAG(!) length in his match ar - a 198 in practice. So in his gun at least, they don't mind a long jump. Don't know how it will do for him in matches but I'll be watching.

75 Gr. Hornady W/Varget 
I was shooting the 75 NM bullets, not the A-Max's, although the fellas I talked to that had original 1-9 twist (Armalite) guns said the A-Max's were the Primo 600-yard bullet. I got an e-mail a while back that said a fella won a 1,000 yard match in Wisconsin with the Hornady 75 NM's, but they were subsonic.

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