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 Bore Tech Products

For three or more items call Jim at 334-477-2340 for batch shipping to save you some money on shipping.

Cleaning Supplies

Bore Tech Patch Guide


Patch Guide   https://www.boretech.com/products/images/patchguide3_large.jpg


PATCH GUIDE PLUS W/15 (.223 AR-15)  

$55.99   S&H $12.40


Bore Tech’s PATCH GUIDE PLUS™ ASSEMBLY boasts all of the unique qualities and innovative features of the PATCH GUIDE™, but is designed to accommodate a wide array of Delrin Adapters that will fit most RIMFIRE, AR-STYLE and SPECIALTY FIREARMS.

The interchangeable PATCH GUIDE PLUS ASSEMBLY is Bore Tech’s patented answer to improving the standard of cleaning by creating a more convenient, less messy, and easier to use superior product.   Like the PATCH GUIDE™, the PATCH GUIDE PLUS ASSEMBLY includes a CNC machined and anodized aluminum patch plate which provides long lasting quality and hands -free patch spiking.  It also allows for offset patch spiking.  For more information, please see How to Spike a Patch in our HOW TO’S Section.  Remaining true to our commitment to “set the standards” in the gun cleaning industry, Bore Tech designed the PATCH GUIDE PLUS to help prevent solvents from leaking back into the action and onto your gun stock and to effectively align your cleaning rod with the bore to prevent unnecessary wear to your firearm and cleaning rod. The Bore Tech PATCH GUIDE PLUS ASSEMBLY consists of one Body and one Adapter.  The unique, interchangeable Adapters are machined from high impact Delrin and feature snouts with O-rings. Rimfire rifles will not have O-Rings on adapters.  See Bore Tech’s extensive line of additional Adapter sizes under the SPECIFICATIONS tab.

Call For Special Order Adapter Applications

For CENTERFIRE rifles please see the Bore Tech PATCH GUIDE™.


Bore Tech PATCH GUIDE PLUS™ Will Add Approximately 12.5 Inches To The Length Of The Barrel When Cleaning.  Make Sure Your Cleaning Rod Is Long Enough To Accommodate.





Remove bolt as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Insert the o-ring / flat end of the PATCH GUIDE PLUS through the receiver until it is firmly seated in the base of the chamber.

Position a dry patch of the proper size over the center of the patch plate opening, just touching the lower edge of the rimmed plate.

Apply solvent to the patch.  Advance the cleaning rod and jag will automatically pick up the patch.  Offset spike on patches to allow more solvent to pass down bore.

The patch plate may also be used to apply solvent to brushes as they pass through.




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