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Success Stories
 For Jim Owens Classes

John: John was a sharpshooter and shortly after taking the class he shot a 99 at three hundred rapid. He said “I have never cleaned it.” I said “well now is your chance.” He fired a 100-3X.

Jim, Jill & Warren (The three people in the hot tub picture): All three were Experts. A few months after taking the class, Jill shot the 1st four point Leg Match at Camp Perry using the rack grade M-16’s. There were 518 shooters and she was number four. Later she went over to Texas to shoot a Leg Match and she won it. She only needs one more medal to go Distinguished. Her husband Jim has already gone Distinguished. After taking the class, Warren’s Off-Hand scores sky rocked and he also went to Texas to shoot a leg Match and he also won it.

 Junior: Junior was an Expert and he fired the 2nd year Camp Perry held the four point Leg Match. He won it.

Jeff: Jeff was an Expert and took the class in April. By the end of the year he got his Master card and had three Leg medals toward Distinguished. The following year he went Distinguished.

Richard: Richard usually shot scores in the mid 750’s. After doing one of the exercises for one hour every night, in three months he won the High Marine trophy at the State Championship. He was shooting in the mid 780’s. The thirty point improvement was all Off-Hand.

Tom: During the Off-Hand portion of the class Tom was shooting and one of his team mates was calling his shots. The team mate was calling tens and Xs. Tom thought he was screwing with him. When he went down to score, his jaw dropped, he had shot a 99-3x. He said “I have never shot like that before.”

Skip: During the Off-Hand portion of the class, Skip was shooting 10’s and X’s. He looked back at me and said “This is Voo-Doo.”

Amy: Amy was a 14 year old girl that was shooting High Master scores rapid fire. Her Off-hand and her 600 yard slow fire were holding her back. We sat down in the grass and I gave her some exercises to do and told her that in three months at the State Championship she would shoot High Master scores. After the four man team match I ask her how she did. When she told me, I called over the four guys that made up the State Team. I said “Guys I don’t want to embarrass you guys, but I can’t help myself, this 14 year old girl just kicked all your asses.” The next year she went Distinguished and a year after that she was on the stage as a National Champion in her category.

Andy: I saw some talent in Andy and after some training sessions he made High Master and went on to win several National Championships.

Larry: One of the exercises we do in the class is to have the shooters shoot with their eyes closed at both 200 and 600 yards. After following specific instructions, they fire one shot with their eyes closed, then open them and reload another round and do it again. They fire (2) five round “Sighters” groups and (1) ten shot string “For Record.” The comments are always “Wow, did that teach me my Natural Point of Aim,” and “Wow, did that teach me my breathing.” After each five round Sighter group, I give them a dope change. Told Larry “You don’t need a change, you cleaned it.” He said “Bull, can I look at my group?” I said “Sure I think you should.” After the next five shot group he cleaned it again and he also cleaned the ten shot group. Now when he has trouble his friend just hell him “Aw, just close your eyes.”

Joe: Joe had the best 200 yard group shot with the eyes closed exercise, he shot a 100-8Xs.

Ed: Ed had the best 600 yard group shot with the eyes closed exercise. His group was a little off center, but the group size was that of an eight inch pie plate.  


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