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Help a Junior Shooter - Please make a generous Donation to the Camp Perry Retired Marines!

Advanced High Power Rifle Class

Class Objectives


       I have been in the High Power Shooting since 1965, both as a competitor and as an instructor.  I have over forty five years of expertise (O.K., admittedly on what NOT to do).  But, I have gotten better over the years and I have a track record of success in my classes.  Click here for some of my former students success stories.

       I give what I call the “Bic Shaver” method of teaching.  “What the hell is that?”  I have a tough beard and I could only get three shaves off a razor before using a new one.  Someone showed me a way to change my “Technique” of shaving, now I can use one razor a month and a half to two months.

       I approach my teaching methods as to changing your “Techniques” of shooting.  Most instructors can teach you the basics of shooting i.e. sight alignment, trigger control, positions etc.   That is great for getting you started, BUT, what usually happens is you will rise to a certain level or plateau and go no higher.  How do I know?  Experience.

       When I first started shooting I was pretty good.  I took three Leg Medals toward Distinguished, all three were Bronze Medals.  When I changed my “Techniques,” I went to Silver and Gold.  

       As you know, what works for one person may not work for another.  So, I not only change your “Techniques” but I “Test” what works best for you.  For example:

  • We test which sight picture is best for you; Six o’clock hold or Center hold.

  • We test which notch on your sling setting is best for you.  In a class in Las Vegas I had ten students.  One had the proper notch or setting.  The other nine either took up a notch or let out a notch, but all their groups improved after doing so.

  • We test which Sitting Rapid Fire Position is best for you and teach you a new one, one you probably never heard of, (It seems to work the best for most people).

  • We teach you the proper use of “Kentucky Windage.”

  • We teach you how to “Think” your shots to the right or left (A miniature version of Kentucky Windage).

  • We teach an Off-Hand Technique that is weird, but it works.

  • We test your Long Range ammo to determine the best seating depth.  There is a “Sweet Spot” that will give you the best group.


This 1st picture is .005 before the sweet spot.

.005 before the Sweet Spot

This 2nd picture is on the sweet spot.

The Sweet Spot

This 3rd picture is .005 after the sweet spot. 

.005 after the Sweet Spot

        One of the exercises we do in the class is to have the shooters shoot with their eyes closed at both 200 and 600 yards.  After following specific instructions, they fire one shot with their eyes closed, then open them and reload another round and do it again.  They fire (2) five round “Sighters” groups and (1) ten shot string “For Record.”  The comments are always “Wow, did that teach me my Natural Point of Aim,” and “Wow, did that teach me my breathing.” 

Dates for 2015 Classes

March 2-6, 2015     Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

April 6-10, 2015     Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

May 11-15, 2015     Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

Nov 2-6, 2015        Enterprise, AL  Open Enrollment  $500.00

Note: For Enterprise, AL Min. 2 & Max. 6 Students


Cost for the Classes

       All of the ranges want some money for my holding classes on their range.  One of them wants $25.00 per day per student.  For a class of ten students (my minimum) that will come to $1,000.00 for the four day class.

       I pay my own transportation cost, air fare, hotels, food etc. I had to combine the class fees and the range fees.  The cost of the course is now $500.00.  After I get the minimum of ten adults, juniors can attend for half price.

“What do I get for my Class fee?”

       The fee includes: Four days of instructions (one day of class room and three days of range time), range fees, Dry firing to improve your positions, a new data book (required for the course) a CD-Rom of class hand-outs (over 100 pages of typed material) a CD-Rom on Reading the Wind, a Certificate of Completion.

       Plus, at no additional cost, some classes by “Webinar.”  These are classes that we do not have time for in the four allotted days.  For new shooters these classes are very useful.  Some of the older shooters will choose to skip them.


Class Requirements

       A student MUST have a match conditioned rifle.  Every class I have held had Marksmen and Sharpshooters shooting Master and High Master scores.  You cannot shoot Master or High Master scores if your rifle will only let you shoot Sharpshooter scores.

       An AR-15 must have a “Float Tube.”  M1A’s and M1 Garand’s must be glass bedded.


       You will need 225 rounds of short range ammo (200 & 300 yards).  110 rounds of long range ammo will be needed.  You will also need 49 rounds of “Test” ammo to find your “Sweet Spot.”

       If you choose to use “Store Bought” ammo, you will not need the 49 rounds of test ammo,But you will not get the full benefit of the course nor the benefit of smaller group sizes at long range.

To Sign-up for a Class

       You will need to send an e-mail to Top@JarheadTop.com with “Classes” in the subject line. Tell me what class dates you are interested in and provide your name, address and phone number.  Please do not send any money until told to do so.

       I will place your name on a list.  When I have the minimum number of students, I will e-mail you several instruction letters.  At that time you will send a 50% deposit, the other 50% can be paid at the time of the class.

       If I have to cancel for any reason, everyone will get their deposit retuned.  If I go to the class and have paid for the trip and you are a “No Show”  I cannot return your deposit.

98% Improvement Rate

       Approximately 98% of my students have increased their groups and scores, some have done so dramatically see (Former Student’s Success Stories).  In every class, I have had Marksmen and Sharpshooters firing Master and High Master scores.  I can provide some names and phone numbers of satisfied students upon request.

       To tell the truth, not everyone has been satisfied.  I had one gentleman (A Master) was not satisfied because at 600 yards he did not shoot very well and sharpshooters were firing better than he was.  I offered him a refund.

            Also, three other students who had rode together were not satisfied because one individual had been a major disruption and caused a lot of trouble.  I also offered them a refund.

No Commitment at This Time

       There is no commitment on your part until we have the minimum number to make a class go.  At that time you commit by sending your deposit.

       So, if you are interested, go ahead and send an e-mail to Top@JarheadTop.com and/or feel free to call me at 334-347-0020.

Set Up a Class in Your Area

       To set up a class in your area you will need;

1.         A Range - a 100 yard range will do, but a 600 yard range is better.

2.         A Club house or some other area to hold the indoor classes.

3.         Ten people min. and sixteen max.

Note: After the min. of ten people, juniors can take the class for half price.


Please Pass the Word

       Please pass the word about the classes and you may want to consider having a friend or a small group drive together and share the expense.



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