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Advanced High Power Rifle Class

(On the Firing Line Instruction)


            We shoot 300 to 350 rounds in the two days.  About 120 rounds are fired at 600 yards the second day.  We do 50 plus “Exercises” in the two days.  You will learn new "Techniques" that will take your Groups and Scores to new heights.  Almost every class has had Sharpshooters shooting Master and High Master Scores.


        Not everyone will improve in the same areas.  Some people will have dramatic improvements in one area, say Offhand, while someone else will have dramatic improvements in other areas, 600 yard slow fire for example.


           On Friday the indoor portion of the class is held to take care of things that would eat up valuable shooting time on the range.  This takes 6 hours.  Each student must have a New Data Book.  It must be one of mine (Mine has twice the number of pages as the others).  We put a code on each of the pages for the different exercises that are shot the next day.  The cost of the Data book is $15.00 and I will have them with me.


       For the Advanced Class there are some very strict requirements.  They must have a Match Conditioned Rifle.  A person cannot improve if their rifle will not let them.  They must have a GOOD spotting scope, trying to Read the Wind with a cheap scope will not get the job done.  They must have attended the Basic Class or have read the four-book set.  They are required to reread the 1st three books a week before the Advanced Class.


            A few days prior to the class, everyone gets together with their rifles and measures their “Over All Length” with the Stony Point Gage.  They then go home and do two things; 1) they load seven rounds EACH of OAL that I give them. 2) They load 110 rounds of Long Range Ammo, they do not seat the heads all the way until Saturday night.   The heads are seated to OAL -.010, bring a portable press to finish seating the heads Sat. evening.


            On Saturday morning we test the OAL your rifle likes with the seven rounds of each of the seated loads. Once you know the OAL your rifle likes, you can seat the heads (Sat. night) for the Long Range Class on Sunday.


            As much as time allows, the following subjects will be covered.

Introduction, Test , Focus,  Focus Exercise,  Marking the Sights,  Terms,  Equipment,  Safety,  Courses of Fire,  Rifles Used,  Classification System,

Leg Matches, Positions Used, Targets Used, Break of the bullet, Score Keeping, Line & Pit Procedures, Molly Coating, Breathing, Natural Point of Aim

Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Aperture Sights, Diopters, Trigger Control, Dry Fire (Positions), Holding Exercises, Mental Conditioning, Setting Goals

Zeroing, Normal Come Ups, Light Effects, The “Crown”, Throat Erosion, Bullet Run Out, Free bore Jump, The “Sweet Spot”, Min. of Angel

Amended Rule, The Cone, 600 yd. Scoring Rings, Theory (MK), Zero Shifts, Reading the Wind, BMU, No-Pulse Sling


           While on the Range Shooting, we will test;

        Which is the best sight picture for you to use

        Which notch on your sling is the best for you

        Which method of Offhand is best for you

        Which Sitting Position for Rapid Fire is best for you

        Which seating depth is best for your Long Range Ammo

        How and when to use "Kentucky Windage"

        Shooting "With Your Eyes Closed" - It teaches you your breathing and your Natural Point of Aim

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