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New Shooters - Package Deal

Pirsch 80mm spotting scope with 20-60 power zoom eyepiece.

30 Day - Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

Pirsch 80MM Spotting Scope

Jim Owens scope stand (good for all positions; standing, sitting and prone). 30 Day - Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

Jim Owens Scope Stand Click here for more information and pictures on the stand

Jim's Four Book Set on CD-Rom: (With new information, color pictures and additional chapters).

Four Book Set on CD      Click HERE to take you to the Book page for more information

Sight Alignment, Trigger Control & The Big Lie

Reading the Wind and Coaching Techniques

Mastering the Shooting Positions, and Leather Sling

Price includes Shipping and your State Tax.

Total $395.00 Check/MO    $410.00 PayPal   


Contact Jim at (334) 347-0020 to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Help a Junior Shooter - Please make a generous Donation to the Camp Perry Retired Marines!

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